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The secretive HFT firm based in Prague

and the Jeopardy Question is....Who is RSJ   RSJ has been a silent but omnipresent force within the futures markets, particularly STIR futures, for nearly twenty years. Founded by Karel Janecek in 1994 they placed their first trade on LIFFE (now ICE Futures) back in 2002 with their first fully algorithmic trade taking place two years later in 2004. 

30 Sep 2021

Top 100 University Alumni in Hedge Funds

We analysed, the academic backgrounds of employees at 90 hedge funds and prop trading firms (see appendix). The analysis is based on public data and covers 82% of the population. We should also caveat that we assigned only one University Alumni per head based on final qualifying institute.      The top 10, by number of alumni, contains 8 American Universities (unsurprising considering that’s where 56% of our target population is based) however the UK also features, with Cambridge and Imperial making it onto the list.  

01 Sep 2021

Technology H121 Hiring review

Who is hiring, where and what are the in-demand skills ?  We have analyzed the career websites of over 70 quant focused hedge funds and trading firms to answer that question. This report covers jobs posted during H1 2021 for: Software Engineering  Infrastructure  Quant Dev  Dev Ops 

29 Jul 2021

China Focus

In this edition of China Focus we analyse the different options for overseas firms to set up in China and more specifically the China's Private Fund Market and it's participants. 

28 Jul 2021

Quant Analysts Salary report

This report analyses the salaries of Quantitative analysts/researchers in the quant trading industry from 2019 to date from a universe of the top 70 quant hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. 

16 Jun 2021

Who is Hudson River Trading?

In this report we seek to shine a light on a secretive, highly regarded HFT firm.. Hudson River Trading.

13 May 2021

Software Engineer Salary report 2021

This report analyses the basic salaries (not including bonus) of software engineers in the quant trading industry from 2019 to date from a universe of the top 70 quant hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. 

13 May 2021

Global Quant Investment Hiring Report | Q1 2021

This is the quarterly Grainstone Lee report analysing firms that employ quantitative investment strategies. The report contains an in-depth analysis of the hiring and competitive landscape within key geographical regions, however, it does not seek to draw any conclusions about the health of the hiring landscape, or the impact of Covid-19.   Each quarterly report contains thousands of sourced data points across the largest financial job functions from Quantitative Investment & Trading to common roles such as Business Development and Compliance.  

14 Apr 2021

How to prepare a strategy pitch deck

Preparing a pitch deck is a process that most aspiring and accomplished portfolio managers will have to go through at some point in their career. Having seen the good and bad we thought it would be useful to prepare a checklist of what you should include.

17 Mar 2021

Has quantum computing arrived in financial markets?

The field of quantum computing is incredibly exciting and in equal parts, terrifyingly complex – at least for your humble author. Without diving too far into the rabbit hole, this article seeks to answer some of the basic questions; What is the current landscape? Is anybody using Quantum Computing and what does the future hold?

18 Feb 2021

Our top 5 short squeezes

Unless you've been living in a cave (and with all the CV19 restrictions in place it does sometimes feel like that) you couldn’t avoid the short squeeze on Gamestop last week. Short squeeze shot up the Google search rankings as retail investors jumped in. We thought it would be interesting to look back in time at some of the other short squeezes and the reasons behind them.

03 Feb 2021

Which HFT firms are trading Crypto and how?

Bitcoin broke through the $40,000 mark at the beginning of 2021 so we thought it timely to analyse the state of the cryptocurrency markets. This article provides a basic breakdown of: Cryptocurrencies Trading Exchanges, volumes and instruments Market participants Evolution of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Mining.

20 Jan 2021

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