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Our top 5 short squeezes

Unless you've been living in a cave (and with all the CV19 restrictions in place it does sometimes feel like that) you couldn’t avoid the short squeeze on Gamestop last week. Short squeeze shot up the Google search rankings as retail investors jumped in. We thought it would be interesting to look back in time at some of the other short squeezes and the reasons behind them.

03 Feb 2021

Which HFT firms are trading Crypto and how?

Bitcoin broke through the $40,000 mark at the beginning of 2021 so we thought it timely to analyse the state of the cryptocurrency markets. This article provides a basic breakdown of: Cryptocurrencies Trading Exchanges, volumes and instruments Market participants Evolution of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Mining.

20 Jan 2021

Global Quant Investment Hiring Report | Q4 2020

This is the quarterly Grainstone Lee report analysing firms that employ quantitative investment strategies. The report contains an in-depth analysis of the hiring and competitive landscape within key geographical regions, however, it does not seek to draw any conclusions about the health of the hiring landscape, or the impact of Covid-19. Each quarterly report contains thousands of sourced data points across the largest financial job functions from Quantitative Investment & Trading to common roles such as Business Development and Compliance.

06 Jan 2021

The End of the Universe - 2020 Holiday Special

Warning: you must have a sense of humour to read this. We step away from finance and get into the weird and wonderful world of astrophysics. After such a tumultuous year, what a more befitting way to finish 2020 than with a holiday special on "the end of the Universe"?

15 Dec 2020

When team moves go wrong…

I am joined today by Jonathan Maude, Employment Law Partner at Vedder Price to discuss a very contentious recruitment practice, namely, team moves. This is a follow-on conversation from our previous discussion regarding non-competes to understand what are the legal implications and risks associated with team moves.

02 Dec 2020

Internal Stakeholder Management Strategy

The real challenge within a business is often internal stakeholder management. If you fail to identify your stakeholders and meet their needs, your project is doomed to fail.

19 Nov 2020

Which hedge funds are growing in China?

China is continuing to reform its financial markets and open to foreign financial institutes. This was the message delivered by senior officials and regulators during the Lujiazui Forum that took place in June 2020.

19 Nov 2020

Quant Investment Hiring Landscape - Q3 2020

We’ve analysed the career sites of 52 of the most prominent hedge funds and proprietary trading firms that employ quantitative investment strategies. This report does not seek to draw any conclusions about the health of the hiring landscape, or the impact of Covid-19, however, it does break down the number of open roles/jobs posted by location, job division and the changes in Q3 (July, August, September 2020).

02 Nov 2020

HFT Founders and their background

In this article, we examine the professional and educational background of the founders of 34 high frequency trading firms. We have focused on firms that are still in live trading and excluded more recent launches.

21 Oct 2020

Non-competes explained [Interview with employment lawyer]

We interviewed Jonathan Maude, Employment Layer and Partner at Vedder Price in London to get a professional low-down on the basics of non-competes.

17 Sep 2020

10 bank prop desks – where are they now?

This article looks at some of the prominent funds in the quantitative investment world and examines their prop desk history.

03 Sep 2020

Renaissance Technologies – who do they hire in research and tech?

With annualised returns of roughly 40% spanning three decades and a lifetime non-disclosure agreement for employees, it’s safe to say Renaissance Technologies is a bit of an enigma. Despite a bit of a slip in their long-term equity fund this year, the (short term) Medallion fund is still reportedly up 25% YTD. If I knew how they produce those returns I wouldn’t be stuck in a very hot and humid office on outskirts of London, however, we have been able to analyse who does i.e. RentTec employees.

13 Aug 2020

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