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The AI Art Gallery - 2022 Holiday Special

For our Christmas special this year, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the rise of AI in the creative world, specifically AI generated artwork. We will not be postulating about how much “intelligence” is at work however will say the images have exceeded the artistic ability on offer in the Grainstone Lee office. We chose a universe of 90 hedge funds and prop trading firms and generated a collection art inspired by the Chinese zodiac animal of our samples foundation year together with their headquarter address.

22 Dec 2022

Building an offshore cyber security team from scratch

As some of you may have noticed, it’s getting a bit tricky to hire software engineers. Understatement of the year out of the way, it’s true, demand for technical talent globally is fierce. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to talk to Rowena Everson.

30 Jun 2022

Who is FINAL ?

Born in 2001, out of a small garage in Herzliya Israel with, reportedly, just $6m in capital, Final has tried hard to stay out of the limelight. In this article we pieced together the few bits of public information and have tried to summarise their growth.

18 Nov 2021

Technology H121 Hiring review

Who is hiring, where and what are the in-demand skills ? We have analyzed the career websites of over 70 quant focused hedge funds and trading firms to answer that question. This report covers jobs posted during H1 2021 for: Software Engineering Infrastructure Quant Dev Dev Ops

29 Jul 2021

Quant Analysts Salary report

This report analyses the salaries of Quantitative analysts/researchers in the quant trading industry from 2019 to date from a universe of the top 70 quant hedge funds and proprietary trading firms.

16 Jun 2021

Software Engineer Salary report 2021

This report analyses the basic salaries (not including bonus) of software engineers in the quant trading industry from 2019 to date from a universe of the top 70 quant hedge funds and proprietary trading firms.

13 May 2021

Has quantum computing arrived in financial markets?

The field of quantum computing is incredibly exciting and in equal parts, terrifyingly complex – at least for your humble author. Without diving too far into the rabbit hole, this article seeks to answer some of the basic questions; What is the current landscape? Is anybody using Quantum Computing and what does the future hold?

18 Feb 2021

Do you want your network to run like your brain? Try spiking it….

In this weeks “views from academia” we speak to Dr. Frederik Mallman-Trenn about Spiking Neural Networks and their advantages over traditional artificial

14 Jul 2020

Game Playing meets Game Theory with Professor Michael Wellman

Professor Michael Wellman, Professor of Computer science & Engineering and Head of the Strategic Reasoning Group at the University of Michigan,  talks about

05 Jun 2020

Quant Hacks | Performance Metrics

Quant Hacks is a video series developed to help Quant Researchers and Analysts take a step up in their career.

07 Apr 2020

High Frequency Trading – 1830’s style

In a scheme that would boil Brad Katsuyama’s blood, two brothers, Francois and Joseph Blanc became the first traders to successfully implement an information arbitrage strategy on a data network.

07 Apr 2020

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