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Website Ghosts of Christmas Past

For our Christmas special this year, we thought it would be fun to have a look at early websites from the quant universe. It was a simpler time, when flash players flashed and "sites we like on the internet" gave a personal blog like feel to the web visitor. Just the kind of warm, fuzzy, nostalgia you should expect from a Christmas special. So, in no particular order please find below our top Top 5 along with a complete directory of over 90 quant hedge funds and prop trading firms initial attempts at a website (with links courtesy of The WayBack Machine).

21 Dec 2021

The secretive HFT firm based in Prague

and the Jeopardy Question is....Who is RSJ RSJ has been a silent but omnipresent force within the futures markets, particularly STIR futures, for nearly twenty years. Founded by Karel Janecek in 1994 they placed their first trade on LIFFE (now ICE Futures) back in 2002 with their first fully algorithmic trade taking place two years later in 2004.

30 Sep 2021

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